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SUV Doorstep

Sometimes it can be hard to reach things fastened on your roof.The SUV Doorstep gives you that lift while being compact and light enough not to take up a lot of space.

Discover Batteries

Discover maintenance-free​ Traction batteries utilize true traction plate technology to provide superior constant power performance at high operating…

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Decked Storage Systems

This system enables you to load your tools and valuables in a locked drawer an still be able to load up to 2 ton on top.

These drawers are water proof…

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Front Runner Storage Systems

Make storing and organizing gear and valuables a no-brainer. These lockable drawers, with fitted decks and faceplates, has been designed to hide cont…

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LAS ProFender Suspension

Gas Shock bore 40mm with a 20mm shaft.

LAS Profender twin tube shocks are designed with a big piston and a big shaft that provides excellent performan…

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LAS Leveling Kit


Our LAS Levelling Kits are Certified and machined out of aircraft grade aluminium.

Proudly made in SA


Toyota Hilux Revo & Vigo,…

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InterVolt Inertial Sense Module

The Inertial Sense Module or ISM is a solid-state electronic device developed for use with the interVOLT DCC Pro.

In simple terms the ISM detects move…

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InterVolt Electronic Battery Isolator Kit

The EBI Pro is an electronic battery isolator aimed at replacing out-dated “electro-mechanical” type devices. Boasting features never before seen in …

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Unilug 2 up

Two Up battery terminal lugs are purpose designed for dual battery installations where it is not desirable to cut or modify the factory battery leads…

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LAS Bumpers

  • Be protected with an LAS Bull Bar
  • Unique grill angled Cato strap design
  • LED running lights as standard features
  • Includes fog lights for low light condit…

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